Sunnybrook Grocery

In these hectic times, we know it is becoming increasingly difficult to do one's grocery shopping, due to early closing hours and long lineups.

As such, the Sunnybrook M1 Gift Shop is now offering a range of pantry items in-store, for Sunnybrook staff and patients. At this time, Grocery is only available at the Bayview M1 Shop. We may expand to our other shops if there is interest.

The Grocery section contains dry pantry items such as breakfast cereals, canned and dried soups, pasta and sauces, and pantry staples such as sugar and flour.

For fresh fruits & vegetables, meats, dairy, and baked goods, we recommend visiting or placing orders through the weekly Sunnybrook Farmers Market.
Click here to learn more about the Market!



Were you in the shop, but we didn't have an item that you normally buy every week? Let us know!
Our grocery section is still a work in progress - and we want to make sure we have the things that our customers need.

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