Sunnybrook Vendor Fairs

Once in spring and once in fall, we reserve the McLaughlin Auditorium (our large event space) for a market-style Vendor Fair. We do our best to ensure a wide variety of vendors in order to create an atmosphere that is fun and interesting for everyone. 

There are usually also delicious treats for sale, and free prizes to be won!

McLaughlin Auditorium
E-Wing, Ground Floor, Room EG18a

Upcoming Vendor Fair

Our next upcoming event will be on Wednesday December 4, 2019.


Do you have something to sell? A service to promote? Fill out the application below and you could be a part of our annual Holiday Vendor Fair!

Applicants are not required to be a part of our year-round program.
Terms & Conditions below.



We look forward to seeing you all there!



Future Vendor Sales (Save the Date!):

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Thursday April 9, 2020

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