Fine Art Fundraisers

The Sunnybrook Gift Shop works closely with a number of volunteer-run programs in order to help raise funds for our Patient Care initiatives throughout our hospitals.

Quite a few of them are driven towards providing beautiful artwork for everyone, such as:


Fine Art Sales

Fine Art Sales


Along the main corridors of Sunnybrook's Bayview campus, there are several bars with numerous beautiful artworks on display. Each piece of art can be purchased by removing its information card from the wall and bringing it to the M1 Gift Shop.

The Fine Art Sales are organized by a handful of dedicated volunteers, who have made arrangements with several art groups in the General Toronto Area. Every couple of months, old paintings are taken down and returned to their groups, and a new group will bring their paintings to be hung for sale.

A portion of each sale goes back towards the artists, with a commission given to the hospital to help support patient care.

Art rails can be found in the following places:

  • Ground Floor, A-Wing tunnel (near MRI)
  • Ground Floor, B-Wing (beside elevators)
  • First Floor, from C-Wing to E-Wing


Art groups who have displayed with us in the recent past:



Fine Art Heritage Cards

Sunnybrook Heritage Greeting Cards

Our sets of greeting cards depict a number of iconic Sunnybrook buildings, all beautifully painted by the late Daphne Tully, an inspirational former volunteer of Sunnybrook.

In addition, holiday cards can also be purchased once a year.

These holiday cards are adorned with prints of winter- and holiday-themed paintings done by artists from our year-round Fine Arts Sales. These same paintings will also go on sale in the First Floor Corridor during the last sale of each year, so keep an eye out!

Cards can be purchased in sets of ten in our Gift Shops and here on our website.


Sealed Bid Art Auctions

In various areas around the hospital, you will find lovely prints of gorgeous artworks, arranged on a peculiar sort of easel.

Each of these easels includes a number of bidding ballots, pencils, and a slot to submit your bid, as well as a sign advising of the bidding period. Anyone may enter a bid on an art piece. At the end of the bidding period, bids will be collected and the highest bids will be contacted to retrieve their new art piece!

The Sealed Bid auctions are organized and run by Don Ross of ManorHill Fine Art. A portion of the proceeds from each art auction goes towards our Patient Care initiatives.


Silent Auctions

Silent Auction

Browse through a wide variety of special items and place your bids to win! New auction items go up every week, and a portion of proceeds support patient comfort and care projects here at Sunnybrook.


Or register by text message by texting the word "sunny" and your full name to 1-226-798-0488
The Auctions use a "Sealed Bid" system: in a Sealed Bid auction, each participant bids without anyone else seeing or knowing each other's bids. You have one chance to place your very best bid!
Auction services provided by Silent Auction Company

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