Fine Art Sales

Country Palette Artists

Tuesday July 16 - Friday September 13, 2024



The Fine Art Sales are organized by a handful of dedicated volunteers, who have made arrangements with several art groups in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Every two months, old paintings are taken down and returned to their groups, and a new group will bring their paintings to be hung for sale.

A small commission of each sale goes towards patient comfort and care projects at Sunnybrook.

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Fine Art Sales
36 results
Momma Bear in Birches, by Tracy-Lynn Deschenes (Bar 5)
Mystic Dream, by Tracy-Lynn Deschenes (Bar 5)
Peekaboo Bear, by Tracy-Lynn Deschenes (Bar 5)
Lone Pine, by Rosie Schröder (Bar 14)
Birches, by Rosie Schröder (Bar 14)
Purple and Yellow, by Rosie Schröder (Bar 14)
Golden Cliff Top, by Rosie Schröder (Bar 14)
Abandoned in Maple Valley, by Rosie Schröder (Bar 14)
Wolf Mountain, by Ray Noble (Bar 11)
Lonely Watch / Lighthouse, by Marion Herron (Bar 16)
Summer Colours, by Hilda Merry (Bar 10)
Just the Two of Us, by Hilda Merry (Bar 10)
The Open Gate, by Hilda Merry (Bar 10)
Ashes Of Roses, by Diane Will (Bar 15)
Up North, by Diane Will (Bar 16)
That's How the Light Gets In, by Diane Will (Bar 15)
Go With the Flow, by Diane Will (Bar 16)
Wild Seas, by Ray Noble (Bar 11)
Serene Lake, by Ray Noble (Bar 11)
Majestic, by Ray Noble (Bar 11)
Calm, by Ray Noble (Bar 11)
Big Boy, by Ray Noble (Bar 11)
Fun Day at the Beach, by Hilda Merry (Bar 10)
Floral Fantasy, by Hilda Merry (Bar 10)
36 results
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