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Accessories & Jewellery
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Planet Collection: Jupiter Bracelet (Positivity)
Planet Collection: Mercury Bracelet (Clarity)
Planet Collection: Moon Bracelet (Calming)
Planet Collection: Saturn Bracelet (Resilience)
Planet Collection: Venus Bracelet (Love & Beauty)
Planet Collection: Uranus Bracelet (Freedom)
Planet Collection: Neptune Bracelet (Harmony)
Crossbody Bag: Jingle Dress Dancers (Storm Angeconeb)
Forever My Best Friend Card & Earrings
Happy Days Rainbow Card & Earrings
With Love (Giraffes) Card & Earrings
Eco Scarf: Hummingbird
Angel Token
Angel Token
Virtue Stone Necklace: Rose Quartz (Loving)
Virtue Stone Necklace: Amazonite (Serenity)
Virtue Stone Necklace: Green Aventurine (Prosperity)
Planet Collection: Earth Crystal Bracelet
Excelvision Eyeglass Repair Kit
Silicone Ear Protectors (Pair)
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