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-a hobby that is a cross between scrapbooking, journal writing, collaging, and in many instances, sketching. Not to be confused with online journaling, this sort of journaling refers to the type that results in a tangible notebook of images and words that creatively depict ideas and events in an individual's life.

by Sydney Carton January 26, 2007 from Urban Dictionary Website

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Stationery & Journals
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Pencil crayon pencilcrayon coloured pencils
Baby Dino Pen
Papermate Ballpoint Pen
Sunnybrook Hardcover Notebook
Adopt Me! Pencils & Puppy Erasers
HB Pencil
HB Pencil
I Heart Sunnybrook Notebook
All You Need Is Love Journal
Crayons (24-Pack)
2-in-1 Stylus & Ballpoint Pen
Pink Sequin Notebook
Chubby Kitty Pen
Sold Out
Panda on Bamboo Pen
Markers (12-Pack)
Magnifying Glass
Coloured Chalk (48 pack)
Washi Crafting Tape
Polka Dot Cat Ring Notebook
Polka Dot Cat Notebook Set
Reflections Journal
Toronto Faux Leather Mini Notebook
Toronto Small Notebook
Allegro Notebook
It's A Big World Out There Pocket Notebook
Travel.. Makes You Richer Pocket Notebook
Crayola Coloured Pencils (8-Pack)
Badge Holders (Set of 6)
Sparkling Gem Pencil
Premium Washable Markers (8-Pack)
Guard Your ID Security Stamp
Groot A5 Notebook
Rogue One Premium A5 Notebook
Chewbacca Premium A5 Notebook
Alphabet Stamp Set
Sunnybrook Hard Shell Portfolio
SOS Password Book
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