Whether you're purchasing some simple necessities to be hand-delivered to a loved one here at Sunnybrook, or looking for hand cream or a pretty pack of emery boards for yourself, we've got you covered.

Everything from the quick and simple necessities like travel-sized toothpaste, hand sanitizer or deodorant, to luxury items like tinted lip balms or wonderfully-scented Canadian-made moisturizing creams.

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ChapStick Classic Original
Purell Hand Sanitizing Wipes  *LIMIT 5*
Black Comb
Black Comb
ChapStick Classic Mint
ChapStick Classic Cherry
Naked Bee Moisturizing Hand & Body Lotion (67mL)
Crest Travel Pack
ChapStick Moisturizer Original
Soft-Bristle Toothbrush
Naked Bee Lip Balm
Basic Slumber Mask
Lady Speed Stick  (39.6g)
Scope Mouthwash 36ml (Outlast Mint)
Tooth Floss Keychain
Ear Plugs (with case)
3-Ply Pocket Tissue
Snoozies Washable Face Covering: Peace Flowers
Snoozies Washable Face Covering: Dogs
Snoozies Washable Face Covering: Red Paisley
Fashion Mask: Sky Clouds (Blue or Pink)
5-Pack Replacement Carbon Face Mask Filters
Dental Travel Kit
Naked Bee 4-Piece Gift Set
Sold Out
Earth Luxe Men's Face Wash (200ml)
Matchbook-Style Nail Files
Bodico Major Moisture Conditioner
Dial Hair & Body Wash (Men) 473ml
Snoozies Washable Face Covering: Sloths
Fashion Mask: Black
Fashion Mask: Grey Camo
Adult Face Mask: Simple Black
Lug Clearview Zipper Pouches (Drop Ship Only)
LUG Bag: Canoe (Various Colours) (Drop Ship Only)
Glass Nail File With Case
Light-Up Tweezers
95 results
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