Ceiling Tiles: The COVID Collection


The “Joy of Life Ceiling Tile Project” decorates the ceilings of our hospital with tiles painted by our volunteers, local artists, mature students, and patients.

We aim to bring some joy to the frontline workers at Sunnybrook who have been doing so much to keep us all safe during this time. Every little bit helps - so why not decorate our spaces with images of hope and beauty, to lift the spirits and bring a smile to every face?

COVID Collection in Sunnybrook news!

Sunnybrook COVID Collection Joy of Life Ceiling Tiles 1 to 7
Some of the Ceiling Tiles recently painted for this project
View them all here!

Currently, some of our same talented artists are banding together to paint upwards of 40 new Ceiling Tiles - and we need your help to sponsor them!

Funds raised from our Ceiling Tile sponsorships normally help support patient comfort and care projects at the hospital, such as hygiene kits for patients unexpectedly staying overnight in Emergency, sleep masks for inpatients in shared rooms, tote bags for chemotherapy bottles, and so much more.

The COVID Collection artists have asked that funds from sponsorship of these tiles help with COVID-related efforts within Sunnybrook.

You can help by doing any of the following:

  • Sponsor a single tile
  • Donate a small amount towards a tile
  • Tell your friends and family about the project!

 Sunnybrook Joy of Life Ceiling Tile Project Rachel Strauss Calm Dawn
Calm Dawn, by Rachel Strauss, currently hanging in the Odette Cancer Centre

Sponsor A Single Tile

Tile sponsorships are a minimum $125 donation.

Sponsors will receive a tax receipt, commemorative card, and will be featured on a special plaque, hung on the wall near their tile. Plaques include the name of the sponsor (if they desire) and any short message they wish to include.


Sunnybrook Joy of Life Ceiling Tile Project Rachel Strauss Autumn Ravine in Thornhill
Autumn Ravine in Thornhill, by Rachel Strauss, currently hanging in Family Practice

Staff: Requesting Tiles

Are you a Sunnybrook staff member? Do you think your area needs a little brightening up? Ceiling Tiles can be added to any area inside Sunnybrook with the correct drop ceilings - there are currently tiles in inpatient units, waiting rooms, offices, clinic rooms, even hallways!

Contact us today to find out how you can add a Ceiling Tile (or five) to your area:


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