Caduceus Socks : Sunnybrook Contest Winner


A pair of light blue crew socks from Living Royal, featuring a large Hermes staff over the Sunnybrook leaves.


This was one of the winners of our Sunnybrook COVID-19 TShirt Contest!

 I am a Registered Nurse working at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre with a passion for design. The inspiration for my designs comes from my experience as a healthcare worker. This led me to experiment with the concepts of Covid-19 and Sunnybrook in my sketchbook. 

The design with the Caduceus uses the leaves from the Sunnybrook logo to symbolize the wings of health care breaking through the virus known as Covid-19. 
The design with the Stethoscope looping a heart represents the care and compassion in which healthcare workers dedicate every single day to battle Covid-19 and other illnesses. The stethoscope is a tool used to assess patients, while acting as a bridge to the discovery and the recovery of Covid-19.

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