Pride Shirt Design Contest

Sunnybrook Pride Shirt Design Contest Banner

Thank You for all your fantastic submissions to the Pride Shirt Design Contest! It was very difficult to choose between them all.

After lengthy review, we narrowed it down to three winning designs. Click each one to order now!

Proceeds from the sale of the Sunnybrook Pride Contest Shirts will go towards the Anita Rachlis Clinic for HIV-related infectious diseases.

Reena Morar

Sunnybrook Proud,

by Reena Morar


PRIDE Wings,

by Ren Cheuy

Circle of Pride,

by Dorothy Carson

"I've been at Sunnybrook for almost 12 years and was recently honoured to be able to join the President's Anti-Racism Task Force. Sunnybrook has made significant commitments to and progress  in making itself more welcoming to all people and this is an important value of mine as well. The 11 colours on the T-shirt are from one of the more recent pride flag designs and I hope that this t-shirt  design sends the message that everyone is respected and very much appreciated at Sunnybrook."


Proceeds from Gift Shop sales are used to fund patient comfort & care initiatives within Sunnybrook.
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