Fine Art Sales

Central Connection Art Show

October 5, 2022 - Friday January 6, 2023


The Fine Art Sales are organized by a handful of dedicated volunteers, who have made arrangements with several art groups in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Every two to three months, old paintings are taken down and returned to their groups, and a new group will bring their paintings to be hung for sale.

A small commission of each sale goes towards patient comfort and care projects at Sunnybrook.

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Fine Art Sales
58 results
Toronto: Cherry Beach, by Clarice Kloezeman-Thornton
Sold Out
Toronto: The Brickworks, by Clarice Kloezeman-Thornton
Floral Spirit, by Clarice Kloezeman-Thornton
Pluto on the Fence, by Clarice Kloezeman-Thornton
Nude Beach, by Rowena Moyes
Come Explore, by Rowena Moyes
Umbria Street, by Rowena Moyes
Root Deck Planters, by Rowena Moyes
Please…, by Rowena Moyes
Robin, by Rowena Moyes
58 results
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