Fine Art Sales

Humber Valley Art Club

Tuesday March 12 - Thursday May 9, 2024



The Fine Art Sales are organized by a handful of dedicated volunteers, who have made arrangements with several art groups in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Every two to three months, old paintings are taken down and returned to their groups, and a new group will bring their paintings to be hung for sale.

A small commission of each sale goes towards patient comfort and care projects at Sunnybrook.

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Fine Art Sales
79 results
Salsa Beat, by Rose Marie Nicolucci (Bar 4)
Red Canoe, by Heather Thornton (Bar 11)
Ray of Sunshine, by Vlad Rasper (Bar 2)
Ramsey Lake, Sudbury, by Rose Marie Nicolucci (Bar 4)
Peaceful Stream, by Vlad Rasper (Bar 2)
Peace Offering, by Wendy Bannerman (Bar 14)
Opening, by Marie Prospero (Bar 5)
Ontario Farm in Winter, by Vlad Rasper (Bar 2)
New Beginnings, by Zirka Hayes (Bar 11)
Morning Lace, by Susan Seagrove (Bar 17)
Morning Glow, by Marie Prospero (Bar 5)
Moment of Silence, by Natalia Outkina (Bar 14)
Misty Morning, by Heather Thornton (Bar 11)
Memory Moments, by Katherine Brown (Bar 9)
Magic Rabbit, by Elisabeth Montgiraud (Bar 12)
Sold Out
Lily Pond, by Jacintha Krish (Bar 1)
Lilies, by Eleanor Reed (Bar 2)
Lilies and Asters, by Susan Seagrove (Bar 14)
Light, by Natalia Outkina (Bar 15)
Life, by Elisabeth Montgiraud (Bar 12)
Life At the Ruins, Sicily, by April Macdonald (Bar 10)
Jubilation, by Bev Morgan (Bar 13)
In the Distance, by Marie Prospero (Bar 5)
Imagiscape 2, by Don Wilson (Bar 7)
79 results
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