Fine Art Sales

The Fine Art Sales are organized by a handful of dedicated volunteers, who have made arrangements with several art groups in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Every four to six weeks, old paintings are taken down and returned to their groups, and a new group will bring their paintings to be hung for sale.

A large portion of each sale goes back towards the artists, with a small commission given to the hospital to support patient care.

Please note that we are currently unable to ship artwork - all Fine Art Sales must be picked up in the M1 Gift Shop at the Bayview campus of Sunnybrook (click here to visit our Contact page).



June 25 2019 - July 26 2019

The Riverdale Artists are participants in Riverdale Art, the annual show and sale run by St. Barnabas Anglican Church. 
The show was started in 1989 by Jenny Reid, as a forum for artists and art lovers in the Riverdale area of Toronto, and rapidly became an annual fixture in the area. 

The 31st annual show, Riverdale Art 2019, will be held on Friday, October 17, 2019 from 6 to 9 p.m., and on Saturday, October 18 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.  The venue is St. Barnabas Anglican Church which is at 361 Danforth Avenue.  Entry to the show is from Hampton Avenue.


Fine Art Sales
76 results
Canadian Shield by Theo McLaren
Canadian Shield
Winter Birch by Theo McLaren
Winter Birch
View to the River #5 by Theo McLaren
Still Life in Blue Vase by Theo McLaren
From My Mother's Garden by Theo McLaren
Forest Cascade by Joan McDonald
Forest Cascade
Canadian Sunset by Joan McDonald
Canadian Sunset
Lilies of the Pond by Joan McDonald
Olde Towne Quebec by Joan McDonald
Lone Sentinal by Ron Harris
Lone Sentinal
Saskatchewan by Ron Harris
Autumn Day by Ron Harris
Autumn Day
Formal Night by Ron Harris
Formal Night
Shoreline by Gail Gregory
Kitten in the Window by Gail Gregory
Spring Flood, Fox Creek by Gail Gregory
Turtle Pond, Allan Gardens by Gail Gregory
Wild Bike Race (Mill) by Gail Gregory
Gibraltar Lighthouse, Toronto Island by Gerda Eckert
Waiting for my Friends by Gerda Eckert
Farm for Sale by Gerda Eckert
Farm for Sale
Winter Tranquility by Gerda Eckert
Ashbridge's Bay, Toronto by Rosemarie Dickob
Algonquin Park Ontario by Rosemarie Dickob
Irish Country Life by Rosemarie Dickob
The Lone Cypress, Pebble Beach by Rosemarie Dickob
Morning Glory by Rosemarie Dickob
Morning Glory
Daisy Trail by Trish Cummings
Daisy Trail
Poppy Field by Trish Cummings
Poppy Field
In Transit by Trish Cummings
In Transit
Would You Like To Dance by Trish Cummings
Sawyer Massey Tractor by William Brisland
Floats & Ropes by William Brisland
Floats & Ropes
Old Farm Barn - Bancroft by William Brisland
Fogo Island Inn by William Brisland
Fogo Island Inn
On the Ropes by William Brisland
On the Ropes
76 results
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