Fine Art Sales

Oshawa Art Association

Tuesday January 9 - Friday March 8, 2024

The OAA promotes promotion of visual Fine Art through the holding of exhibitions, art festivals for the sales of artists’ work, workshops, lectures, demonstrations and the like.


The Fine Art Sales are organized by a handful of dedicated volunteers, who have made arrangements with several art groups in and around the Greater Toronto Area. Every two to three months, old paintings are taken down and returned to their groups, and a new group will bring their paintings to be hung for sale.

A small commission of each sale goes towards patient comfort and care projects at Sunnybrook.

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Fine Art Sales
77 results
Beauty in Ruins, by Jennifer Delaney (Bar 11)
The Stumbling Walker, by Vidhya Srijesh (Bar 12)
Barbicon Theresa, by Lucy Grzegorczyk (Bar 14)
Amur Tiger, by Gary Faulkner (Bar 4)
Zentangle Ribbon, by Jill Maxwell (Bar 6)
Young's Point, ONT, by Beve Delaney (Bar 3)
Windswept, by Chas Burke (Bar 2)
Wicklow Beach, by Wrex Roth (Bar 7)
Who's A Good Boy?, by Karen Coyle (Bar 13)
What Lies Beneath, by Angela Hennessey (Bar 9)
Tulips in Crate, by Gary Faulkner (Bar 4)
Tranquil, by Hilary Leopold (Bar 1)
Town Square, Mirepoix, France, by Jennifer Delaney (Bar 11)
The Work Horses, by Beve Delaney (Bar 3)
Sold Out
The View, by Kristina Billinger (Bar 5)
The Swamp, by Nancy Mueller (Bar 10)
The Slurper Surfer, by Vidhya Srijesh (Bar 12)
The Paint, by Beve Delaney (Bar 3)
The Island, by Nancy Mueller (Bar 10)
Sold Out
The Broody Guy, by Vidhya Srijesh (Bar 12)
Swan, by Gary Faulkner (Bar 4)
Sumac in Fall, by Chas Burke (Bar 2)
Stones Place, by Sandra MacKenzie (Bar 4)
Spring Promises, by Sylvia LeRoy (Bar 8)
77 results
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