Plantables Ready-to-Plant Garden Fundraiser

Did you see our Make It Sow seed fundraiser, but felt like it was too much work to start each one from scratch? Rather start from seedlings or garden-ready plants instead?

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Now You Can!

All you have to do is go to, choose which garden-ready fruits, vegetables, or herbs you would like for your garden, and enter the code SBPLANTS at the checkout. That's it!

Plantables will deliver your order to your home at just the right moment to plant - all you have to do is bury them in the ground (or in containers for your window or balcony), give them some love and water and you’ll have tasty fruits and veggies in no time. (They’re all certified organic plants, too!).

10% of all sales with our code SBPLANTS go toward Sunnybrook's many patient comfort and care programs.

Orders due by Friday June 3rd 2022.

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Who are Plantables?

Plantables are an exciting new startup based in Forest, Ontario that grow healthy, hardy and happy fruit and vegetable plants and ship them to arrive at your door exactly when they need to go into the ground. That means that no matter how busy you are, how unsuccessful you’ve been at growing plants before or how many little hands want to help out, you’ll be able to grow brag-worthy fruits and veggies in no time.

All you have to do is pick what plants you want to grow, choose when you want them delivered and wait for your box of garden-ready plants to arrive on your doorstep!

More Information on Plantables Website

Plantables Ready to Plant Garden Fundraiser Sunnybrook SBPLANTS

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