The Little Book of Hugs

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A hug is one of the most basic ways two (or more) human beings touch.

There is power in a hug. A hug can break down barriers that sometimes words cannot. At times, it can speak more than any words can say. We bond with a hug. We find comfort with a hug. We greet and separate from each other with a hug. We establish human contact and interaction with a hug.

The beauty of a hug is in its simplicity. The gesture towards another human being, known or unknown, is easy. It costs nothing but is a simple act of caring and kindness. The Little Book of Hugs looks at all aspects of hugging, from stress-reducing health benefits to hugging etiquette, different hugs for different occasions, hugging quotes and anecdotes, and information about the hugging “community”.

This beautifully illustrated book has been created as a gift that is a joy to give as well as receive, and will enrich the life of whoever reads it.