PocketMonkey, The Really Thin Multi-Tool

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Pocket Monkey "The Really Thin Multi-Tool"

Ever find yourself thinking, ‘If only I had a little… pointy… thing… I could do that job’. Or a straight-edged thing. Or a sharp edge, or a flat end, or a long hook, or… the list goes on. Well, we have the tool for all those jobs. And it needn’t live in the bottom of a long-forgotten drawer.

The PocketMonkey slots right into your wallet – ready to leap out the moment you need a handy tool. Whether you’re tightening a loose screw or starting a banana, this handy-as-heck gadget is just the job. And since it’s barely 1mm thick and less than 30g, you’ll barely notice it’s there.


  • Bottle Opener 
  • Flat Screwdriver 
  • Phillips Screwdriver 
  • Micro Screwdriver 
  • Phone Kickstand 
  • Hex Wrenches 
  • Orange Peeler 
  • Door Latch Slip 
  • Earbuds Cord Wrap 
  • Letter Opener 
  • Ruler 
  • Straight Edge