Painting by Numbers: Mystical Moonlight


Create beautiful masterpieces at home with this Painting by Numbers kit from Royal & Langnickel! 

Project "Mystical Moonlight" features a pack of wolves moving through a misty forest at night. 


  • 1 Paint Brush 
  • 10 Acrylic Paint Pots (3ml e/0.1 fl. oz.) 
  • 1 Preprinted Artist Board 
  • 1 Preprinted Practice Sheet 


Supplies Needed:

  • Bowl of clean water: Use to rinse the brush between colours. 
  • Paper towel: Use to blot excess water off the brush. 
  • Plastic or glass plate: Use as a palette to mix colours on if needed. 


Painting Tips:

  • These acrylic colours can be diluted with a drop of water so they will flow easily off the brush.
  • The pattern is printed on the inside of the package as a guide. 
  • Each area is numbered to match the same number of the paint colour. Always paint from the top of the picture to the bottom to keep from smearing the wet paint areas. Always rinse the brush clean before dipping it into a new colour. 
  • Allow each area to dry before beginning a new adjacent area. 

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