Magic Rabbit: Simple Magic for Kids

Sunnybrook Gift Shop


Small, simple starter kits to get your young friends on the road to bigger magic!

Each kit contains a magic instruction booklet to teach you over 15 new tricks.

Set 1

  • Perplexing Beads: Coloured Beads magically change position!
  • Coin Paddle: Coins vanish and change!
  • Puzzling Boomerangs: Magically change size!
  • Colour Vision: Reveal an image in a sealed box!

Set 2

  • Crystal Coin Case: a borrowed coin vanishes!
  • Money Factory: Let the factory make or change real money!
  • Coin Puzzle: Your eyes will fool you with this illusion!
  • Money Tube: Make a dollar bill vanish instantly!

Set 3

  • Card Monte: Two Cards shown, turn one into the other!
  • Money Transformer: Change a penny to a dime!
  • Snap It Puzzle: Challenge your friends to solve it!
  • Wonder Water: Gravity-defying liquid magic!