When we hear the word “cancer” it stops us in our tracks and are often left wondering what to say or do. How Can I Help? is a beautiful and touching book of ideas to encourage your loved one as they navigate uncertain times with a touch of beauty, a bit of humor, and perhaps a slice of fun. 

Cancer survivor and founder of The Cancer Club®, Christine Clifford has been sharing her inspiring, humorous outlook on living with cancer with thousands of cancer patients and their families for more than two decades.
The words “I have cancer” spreads like wildfire and oftentimes leaves us feeling overwhelmed and wondering what to do next. Remaining silent only further isolates the patient when they are in the midst of this crisis.

In her newest book, How Can I Help? Christine has captured the essence of this feeling, and gives insightful stories, quotes, and ideas to inspire thoughtful, intentional support of your friend, coworker, family member, and loved ones. From the initial phases of shock, to moving forward with treatment options, your role as a caregiver and friend is vital. This book is designed to be uplifting and encouraging to provide a long lasting imprint and includes pages to leave your own personal message.

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