Cloud b - Stay Asleep Buddies - Hedgehog

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Cloud b - Stay Asleep Buddies - Hedgehog


Bedtime Soother

  • Nightlight eases fear of the dark with calming amber glow
  • Sound soother plays dreamy lullaby

  • 45 minute auto shut-off timer ensures complete darkness & quiet during 
child’s deep sleep as recommended by pediatricians
  • Ideal for early risers, the bedtime lullaby and nightlight will turn back on when picked up or shaken to comfort children back to sleep 

  • Programmable nap and sleep timer (1-12 hours)

Wake Up Buddy

  • Plays happy wake-up tune in the morning or after nap time
  • Bright green glow lets kids know when it’s okay to get up
  • Adjustable volume control for both melodies
  • Long-lasting LED lights extend battery life and stays cool

Plush Pal

  • Exceptional quality construction and super soft plush
  • Portable pal can go anywhere your child goes
  • Ideal for ages 1-3

What’s in the Box:

  • Cuddly, plush pal that functions as a nightlight, sound soother and sleep trainer
  • Storybook & Adoption Certificate to solidify your child’s bond with this new bedtime buddy
  • 3 AAA batteries (Yes! Batteries are included!)