ALEX Toys - Pinball Painter

Sunnybrook Gift Shop


Get ready to be a paint-ball wizard. Any kid will love this finger-powered art machine  – it’s a new way to paint and create unique art pictures.

Add paper into the pinball painter machine and paint to each of the indents. Next put a ball in each of the slot and prepare to get creative! Press and release the flippers and watch the paint balls fly! Pow! Zing!  Voilà – you’re an artist . No two masterpieces will ever be the same.  Remove and let it dry. Easy clean up – just place the whole machine in the sink and wash with soapy water.

  • Includes pinball paint tray with splash guard, 3 balls, blue, red and yellow paint  splash guard, backdrop, 20 pieces of paper and easy instructions. Refills sold separately. For ages 4 and up.