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-a hobby that is a cross between scrapbooking, journal writing, collaging, and in many instances, sketching. Not to be confused with online journaling, this sort of journaling refers to the type that results in a tangible notebook of images and words that creatively depict ideas and events in an individual's life.

by Sydney Carton January 26, 2007 from Urban Dictionary Website

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Stationery & Journals
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Self Care Journal
This Girl Can Notebook
Believe You Can and You're Halfway There Notebook
Be Your Own Kind of Beautiful Notebook
Emotion Binder Clips
Invisible Tape
Count Your Blessings Notebook
Correction Tape
White out liquid paper correction fluid
Two-Year Planner: Skiier
Two-Year Planner: Cat
Two-Year Planner: Puppies & Pawprints
Little Black Address Book
2023 Weekly/Monthly Planner
Password Keeper
39 results
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