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-a hobby that is a cross between scrapbooking, journal writing, collaging, and in many instances, sketching. Not to be confused with online journaling, this sort of journaling refers to the type that results in a tangible notebook of images and words that creatively depict ideas and events in an individual's life.

by Sydney Carton January 26, 2007 from Urban Dictionary Website

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Stationery & Journals
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Ballpoint Pen
Sketch Book Set
Colouring Pencils (12 Pack)
Colouring Pencils (10 Pack)
HB Pencil
HB Pencil
Fine-Tip Markers (12-Pack)
Everything Will Be OK Notebook
Retractable Ballpoint Pen 2-Pack (Blue)
Picasso Fine Journal
2023 Monthly Desk Planner
Bookstore Cats Journal
Chomping T-Rex Pen
Bee Busy Magnetic Notepad
Honey-Do List Magnetic Notepad
The One-Minute Self-Care Journal
Magnetic Notepad: I Can't Wait To Order Pizza
Magnetic Notepad: Things I Am Going To Have To Remember
DIY Book Binding Kit
Washable Markers (12-Pack)
Liquid Ink Pen 2-Pack (Blue)
Monochrome Diamond-Topped Pen
Positive Energy Notebook
Self Care Journal
31 results
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