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Fruit Creme Cookie 4-Pack
Digestive Cookie 4-Pack
Aero Bar
Aero Bar
Glossette Almonds (42g)
Rolo Chocolate Caramels (52g)
Turtles (3-pack)
Glossette Raisins (50g)
Glossette Peanuts (45g)
Mentos Chewy Fruit Candy (37g)
Mentos Chewy Mints (37g)
Sesame Snaps (35g)
KIND Bar: Cherry Cashew & Dark Chocolate
Werther's Original (50g Roll)
Tavener's Fruit Drops
Kinder Bueno (43g)
Bounty Coconut & Milk Chocolate (57g)
Tavener's Caramints
Mackintosh's Creamy Toffee (45g)
Peppermint Aero Bar
Tavener's Sour Lemon Drops
Ghost Tin Mike & Ike (12g)
Ghost Tin Smarties (Rockets) (13.5g)
Ghost Tin Airheads (11g)
Dungeons & Dragons +1 Cherry Potion Candy
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