Whether you are shipping a gift to a family member, staff member or want to brighten a friend's day, our gourmet chocolates and candy will be sure to delight. 

Send a delicious gift to let someone know you are thinking of them!  

33 results
Medium Gift Basket
Small Gift Basket Chocolate Truffle Almond Roca Get Well Gift
Walkers Pure Butter Shortbread Fingers (150g)
Large Gourmet Gift Basket
Fraktal One Chocolate Corporation Dark Buttercrunch candy nuts
Caffeteria Mokate Cookie Selection (260g)
Cavendish Butterscotch Candy (175g)
Peace By Chocolate Assorted Chocolates (256g)
Ghirardelli Peppermint Bark Squares (23.6g)
Ghirardelli Premium Chocolate Assortment (120g)
Lindt Chocolate Teddy (30g)
Lindt Swiss Luxury Collection (195g)
Peace By Chocolate Assorted Chocolates (160g)
Peace By Chocolate Holiday Gift Chocolates (160g)
Peace By Chocolate Mini Gift Stack (68g)
Peace By Chocolate Holiday Bar (92g)
Peace By Chocolate Assorted Chocolates Holiday Edition (100g)
Guylian: The Original Belgian Chocolate Gift Box (250g)
Signature Collection Handmade Chocolates (99g)
Sea Salt Caramels (99g)
Cavendish Chocolate-Filled Caramel Drops (130g)
Godiva Goldmark Assorted Chocolate Creations (210g)
Godiva Goldmark Assorted Chocolates (134g)
McSteven's Red Velvet Cocoa (35g)
33 results
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