Flowers and Candyloons

Important notice for flower orders:

Live flowers cannot be delivered to the following hospital areas: M2, M4, B4 rooms 25 & 26, B5, C2, C3, C6, D4 ICU, D6, and D7 at the Bayview Campus, and SCU 3rd Floor in the Holland Centre. This is due to restrictions on scented products in these areas.

If flowers are ordered for an area that does not allow for flowers, a Candyloon will be substituted.

Alternatively, browse our giftbook, magazine, snack and toy sections to select a gift for patients in these areas.

Please note that flowers delivered to the Bayview Campus's F-Wing may only come in non-porcelain/glass vases.

Flowers and Candyloons
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Balloon - Baby Boy
Balloon - Baby Girl
Candyloon for Baby Boy
Candyloon For Baby Girls
Carnation Bud Vase
Get Well Candyloons
Get Well Candyloons
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It's A Baby Boy Flower Arrangement
It's A Baby Girl Flower Arrangement
Rose Bud Vase
Rose Bud Vase
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