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Orders placed through the Sunnybrook Gift Shop will be forwarded to the LUG warehouse, where they will package and ship items straight to you! A portion of each sale helps support Sunnybrook's numerous patient comfort & care initiatives.

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From the hardware details to the quality-tested features, LUG products are packed with organizational features that fit right in with your day-to-day life.

With a focus on making everything functional and fun, the LUG team takes pride in generating fresh ideas for those on the go.

26 results
Lug Clearview Zipper Pouches (Drop Ship Only)
LUG Bag: Canoe (Various Colours) (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Choo Choo Pill Organizer (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Canter Tote/Crossbody/Backpack (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Baggage Claim Set (Drop Ship Only)
Lug- Samba
Lug- Samba
Lug- Sprinter Tote
Lug- Monorail Convertible Crossbody Backpack
Lug- Flutter Cross-body Bag
Lug Tote- Gondola
Lug- Cable Car Cross Body
Lug Mini-Orbit Backpack (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Bag: Scoop Handbag (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Bag: Propeller Wheelie 2 (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Bag: Orbit Backpack (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Bag: Hopscotch (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Bag: Gondola (Drop Ship Only)
Puddle Jumper Packable from Lug (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Sidekick Shoulder Tote (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Bag: Mambo (Various Colours) (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Bags: Cargo 5pc Set (Various Colours) (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Bags: Bento Box Set (Various Colours) (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Bags: Archer (Various Colours) (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Bags: Airbus (Various Colours) (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Handbag: Ace 2 (Various Colours) (Drop Ship Only)
Lug Handbag: Shimmy 2 (Various Colours) (Drop Ship Only)
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