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Orders placed through the Sunnybrook Gift Shop will be forwarded to the Frans Koppers headquarters in Guelph, where they will package and ship items straight to you! A portion of each sale helps support Sunnybrook's numerous patient comfort & care initiatives.

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Frans Koppers Imports Ltd are proud to offer a comprehensive collection of giftware, home décor, garden décor and outdoor living, as well as seasonal items that we distribute to our Canadian retail partners from coast to coast. With over 30 years’ experience in the Canadian giftware industry, they offer a constantly evolving range of original, innovative high quality items that supply a diverse collection of retailers.

141 results
Tea is a Hug in a Mug... Mug (Drop Ship Only)
Dog Mom Mug (Drop Ship Only)
Cat Mom Mug (Drop Ship Only)
Stay Humble & Kind Mug (Drop Ship Only)
Soccer Mom Mug (Drop Ship Only)
Soccer Dad Mug (Drop Ship Only)
Hockey Dad Mug (Drop Ship Only)
Hockey Mom Mug (Drop Ship Only)
Hockey Lives Here Mug (Drop Ship Only)
The World Needs More Canada Mug (Drop Ship Only)
I'm Retired, Do It Yourself Mug (Drop Ship Only)
Dog Hair: Condiment & Accessory Tea Towel (Drop Ship Only)
Cat Hair: Condiment & Accessory Tea Towel (Drop Ship Only)
Today's Menu Tea Towel (Drop Ship Only)
Queen of Everything Tea Towel (Drop Ship Only)
You'll Eat It Tea Towel (Drop Ship Only)
His Lordship Mug (Drop Ship Only)
Her Majesty Mug (Drop Ship Only)
World's Okayest Brother Mug (Drop Ship Only)
World's Okayest Sister Mug (Drop Ship Only)
World's Okayest Mom Mug (Drop Ship Only)
World's Okayest Dad Mug (Drop Ship Only)
Ummm, Yea, No Mug (Drop Ship Only)
Stop & Smile Cardinal Sign (Drop Ship Only)
Cardinal Suncatcher (Drop Ship Only)
Lake Rules Sign (Drop Ship)
Let's Stay Home Plaque (Drop Ship)
Cast Iron Beware of Owner Sign (Drop Ship)
Cast Iron Cat Hook (Drop Ship)
Cat Key Rack (Drop Ship)
"Eh" Icon Mug (Drop Ship)
We Are Canadian Circle Sign (Drop Ship)
Canada True North Circle Sign (Drop Ship)
141 results
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