Elbow Bump Unisex Tee (Charcoal Grey)


High fives are out, elbow bumps are in!

Support Sunnybrook with this short-sleeved charcoal unisex t-shirt, featuring two arms bumping elbows while wearing scrubs, with the Sunnybrook Frontline Hero logo.



This came from two of the winners of our Sunnybrook COVID-19 TShirt Contest!

Elbow Bump by Luke Spiteri:

My name is Luke Spiteri, I am a 17-year-old Graphic Designer from Richmond Hill. I take inspiration for a lot of my work from current issues in the news (such as COVID-19) which is why I felt this challenge would be a great one to be a part of.
The elbow bump took inspiration from something my friends and I would do in school before everything shut down, as a way to take extra precautions in protecting ourselves. It was a fun little trend that made it everywhere and became a great way to promote social distancing. I feel the art style helps promote the idea as something as cool as a fist bump and can resonate with a younger audience that was conditioned to high five/fist bump all their lives. Always happy to contribute my talents to such a great cause, like supporting the staff at Sunnybrook!

Sublogo by William Wong:

My name is Will and I have been working at the Holland Centre for the past 12 years.  I am a physiotherapist by background, but this past year I have been in an administrative role.  The little free time I have, I spend it playing with my kids.  They are at a really fun age and it is a joy just to watch them learn and grow. 

When the pandemic was declared, everyone was on heightened alert.  It seemed that everyone in the hospital had some level anxiety including myself.  Although I was not working in a role where I am interacting with patients, I was still coming into a hospital and interacting with other staff members who were having regular interactions with patients, including my wife who is an occupational therapist at Sunnybrook.  Our biggest worry was contracting COVID and then spreading it to our young kids at home.  What helped me get by the first couple of weeks was the support of the community.  When I would walk by a store and see a sign in the window showing their gratitude for all the frontline workers or when I walked through the neighborhood and heard all the banging of pots and pans, it made me proud to be a part of the Sunnybrook team.  When I created this logo, I thought it would be another good way to acknowledge and honor all the frontline workers who put themselves at risk coming into work each day by coming into work. 

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