Keeping It Together: How to Cope as a Family Caregiver without Losing Your Sanity


Are you supporting or providing care for an aging parent, an ailiing relative or a family member with a serious chronic illness? Are you feeling frustrated, guilty, or angry? Professional social worker and self-development coach Eleanor Silverberg wrote this book to provide guidance so you can experience a smoother ride on the real-life emotional rollercoaster that is a part of caregiving.

Silverberg spins a cocoon in the form of a book that offers readers solace, direction, and balance - a practical companion, making you feel less alone as you wrestle on your own to cope with this major challenge in your life.

Discover how your coping style affects your well-being AND your ability to provide care. Work through the practice exercises to help transform your feelings of grief and angst into those of calm and resiliency.

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