Canada's new lifestyle magazine for Boomers 

Over 45 and at the top of your game? You're the perfect fit for Zoomer magazine! In each issue, you’ll find top trends and advice on about health, personal finance, travel, sex, longevity, fashion, beauty, grooming, culture and more. 

Zoomer is a vibrant magazine for people who embrace life with experience, confidence and passion and who want the absolute best from everything life has to offer. Every bold, energetic issue delivers priceless tips, resources and coverage of the "hot-button" issues that affect you now.

  • Health: get the latest news and innovation on good health, fitness, nutrition, anti-aging, realistic lifestyle changes and energy-boosting tips for living well.
  • Style: feel and look great at every age with the best beauty and grooming products, expert tips on ageless makeup and fashion that works best for you.
  • Leisure: news and ideas for home and garden, philanthropy, food and drink and our popular crossword puzzle
  • Entertainment: stay on top of trends in the arts, entertainment and culture. Be inspired by celebrity profiles and the lives of extraordinary Zoomer men and women.
  • Money: find out how to make it (and make it last), how to divest yourself, how to reap the rewards of your years of hard work, plus advice on investing, retirement and savings!
  • Activism: a voice for CARP – the leading advocacy group for Canadians 45 and up - bringing forward the issues that matter most to you and your loved ones.
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