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Accessorize with a rotating selection of sparkling jewellery, enameled pins, keychains, and much more!
Accessories & Jewellery
37 results
Wellness Keeper Pill & Vitamin Case: Vacation Collection
Angel Token
Angel Token
Poppin' Coinpurse
Crossbody Rhinestone Lanyard: Southern Lights
Crossbody Rhinestone Lanyard: Chocolate Diamond
Jacqueline Kent Cellphone Purse: Snow Leopard
Jacqueline Kent Cellphone Purse: Red Pepper
Jacqueline Kent Cellphone Purse: Green Envy
Wellness Keeper Pill & Vitamin Case: Earth Tones
Rose Quartz Crystal Bracelet
Excelvision Eyeglass Repair Kit
Bedazzled Bag Hook
Silicone Ear Protectors (Pair)
37 results
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