Asiri's Treasures

Asiri's Treasures

Asiri's treasures is a company specializing in handmade clothing with natural fibers as organic cotton and alpaca wool. We make clothing for adults and children. We like to add embroideries details to our clothing to mark the difference.

Our clothing line is a high quality product, Eco-friendly and very unique.

Asiri's treasures started operating in 2007 as part time business operated by Daisy Ojeda with the help of Dora Burga (Daisy’s mother). All the organic cotton textiles and Alpaca wool clothing is imported from Peru and has taken great consideration in hand picking the right suppliers. We are always searching for ideas and for new designs. Our products are very suitable to the summer times markets.

And we participate at numerous summers festivals, trade shows, crafts shows and Christmas markets all year round.
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